PG-006 EAS Aluminum Alloy antenna anti-theft RF dual antenna

Commodity name:PG-006 EAS Aluminum Alloy antenna anti-theft RF dual antenna

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    Operating Voltage:AC(50~60hz)110~220V
    Rated Power:≤15W
    Center Frequncy:8.2Mhz/10Mhz
    Scanning Frequency:160/170/180
    Working Mode:TX+RX
    Motherboard:3800 or 3920 or 4900
    Detection range:0.9-2.4M(Depend on tag)
    Main Material:Aluminum Alloy
    Appearance Size:1520*440*40mm
    Packing Size:1630*520*190mm
    Packing Unit:2pcs/ctn
    Packing G.W.:15kgs/ctn



    • Digital signal processing (DSP) for excellent detection.

    • Self-adjusting electronics.

    •Easy to install and maintain. 

    • Compatible with all 8.2 MHz RF tags,labels,and accessories,allows flexibility.
    • Engineered form trolley impact-resistant.
    • Clangorous antenna alarms and adjustable alarm indicator light delay allow easy alarm identification
    • High-durability base protects electronics from dust,cleaning fluids,etc.
    • 3D detection technology provides more balance tag signal at each direction which prevent which prevent false alarm during purchase.
    • Super excellent digital RF technology provides maximum alarm integrity Ideal for complicated casher's area of retail environment.
    • Leading 3D detection technology and competitive price.
    •  DSP and read-in DSP selection to satisfy different needs.
    • Made of aluminum alloy, it offers High-durability antennas.
    • High-durability base protects electronics from dust and water.
    • Compatibility with all 8.2 MHz RF tags, labels, and accessories.

    Packing & Shipping

    EAS dual antenna 
    Packing Size:1630*520*190mm 
    Packing Unit:2pcs/ctn 
    Packing G.W.:15kgs/ctn