Vehicle Inspection Mirror

Commodity name:Vehicle Inspection Mirror

Product model:SD-918

[ Product details ] PRODUCT DETAILS
  • Main features:
    With camera function, security is more convenient and efficient.
    Suitable for high requirement rapid security inspection sites.

    Product function:
    The display uses the pigment 2 million 650 thousand color TFT digital screen.  Exclusive development of the driver board, with the image about conversion and 5 times the electronic dimming and other powerful functions. Make your picture more realistic and colorful.
    The camera adopts SONY, CCD sensors, 3&mdash, 5 meters infrared, so that you can apply even in the dark. The use of aircraft type triangle wheel, so that your operation more light, more comfortable use.

    Specification parameter:
    System total weight: 4.5Kg
    Size: 1023× 149× 156mm

    Product parameter:
    Operating voltage: DC12V.
    Operating current: 220mA.
    Specification: 3.5 inch TFT LCD screen.
    Resolution: 320*240
    Horizontal resolving force: 420 lines
    Power source: adopt rechargeable lithium battery.
    Camera: use SONY or SHARP CCD sensor.
    Lens angle: 120° wide-angle.
    Infrared distance: 3-5 meters.
    Battery capacity: 4000mAH
    Output voltage: 9 ~ 12.6V
    Continuous working time: approx 7H (hour)
    Operating temperature: 0~60 DEG C
    Camera rotation angle: 130 degrees
    Camera type: high definition, with infrared night vision capability.

    Product detail display plan:


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