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Hand Held Metal Detector

Commodity name:Hand Held Metal Detector

Product model:MD-3003B1

[ Product details ] PRODUCT DETAILS


    Dimensions: 410mm x 85x 45mm

    Weight: 350g

    Alarm: Sound(or Vibration)& Light alarm

    Sensitivity Level: high and low, two options

    Battery Type: 9V alkaline battery or rechargeable nickel-hydrogen battery

    Working Hours: under the condition of 10% alarm, alkaline battery 40 hours, rechargeable nickel-hydrogen battery 14 hours

    Detecting Accuracy: pin 30-60mm, 64-type pistol 150mm, 6”dagger 160mm, dia 20mm steel ball 90mm


    * With leather sheath, Simple operation.

    * With recharge jack.

    * Audio or vibratory alarm, when turn it on or off.

    * Audio or vibratory alarm, when it is nearly power off.

    * The sensitivity can be adjusted.

    * The detecting distance do not change, when the voltage of battery descend form 9V to 7V.

    * Low consumption, one new battery can sustain working for about 40 hours.

    Packaging & Shipping:

    Product weight: 409g

    Packing: 25PC/Carton

    Carton size: 56.5*46*32cm

    G.W.: 12.5kg/Carton

    PS: The recharge bettary is optional.


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