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What changes have taken place in the ten years of the metal detector industry?


  • 1, the quality has been greatly improved: after 10 years of development, the independent brand metal detecting security door quality has been greatly improved, the function of design from the initial to the current function less as imported brands, to meet the various needs of users, the quality of the products has also been greatly raised, for example: 2015 33 new location metal detection gate, is the latest achievement in the era of peace.

    2, the rapid expansion of manufacturing industry force: once the industry will gradually mature, the number of saturated, as of 2013, metal detection equipment manufacturing industry practitioners have become saturated, and the trend of expansion, the number of excess is the result of vicious competition, let the industry profit margins decline, so as to realize the balance of trade.

    3, productivity increased dramatically: 10 years ago, the production of a security door cost is great, because at that time the industry is not mature, all kinds of supply chain are not mature, many rely on manual work step by step, resulting in manufacturing difficulty, especially make the coil surface, it is hand around after the fixed line, time-consuming, is irregular, now has a coil bracket professional supply chain, can solve this problem. The winding configuration of the coil is solved, and the performance of the metal detecting door is more stable.

    Ten years of change, the above three points can be regarded as the biggest change, but also the development of the industry!

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