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800, the police stationed in Guangzhou South Railway Station Guarantee the Spring Festival, 24 secur


  • The Spring Festival this year, the Guangzhou South Railway Station security forces invested a total of up to 800 people, including police, Swat, police, auxiliary police screeners, etc., will be distributed in the Guangzhou South Railway Station waiting area, station layer, ticket office and other positions, among them, 200 constables have started the day before yesterday in support of Guangzhou South Railway Station in the spring. Guangzhou railway police dispatched a SWAT POLICE stationed at the Guangzhou South Railway Station, carrying explosive search dogs uninterrupted armed patrols, strengthen key defense cleaning, investigation, investigation work.
    Meanwhile, 7 "smart single police vehicles" will also patrol the shuttle bus station, waiting for quick alarm and passengers for help.
    This year, according to the characteristics of Guangzhou South Railway Station, the more people, the new Guangzhou railway police equipped with 150 LED warning lamp lights the shoulder shoulder, small volume and light weight, for duty area or night use sign warning equipment, the police shoulder like lights as uninterrupted flashes, passengers can alarm or turn fast resolution, improve the efficiency of the police alarm service.
    24 security door channel full load operation, with special attention to children travel safety
    Guangzhou south station police station in the entrance, security channels and other key areas, set up safety tips, security publicity, especially the safety of children riding. For some passengers people because of negligence, resulting in children travelling lost, Guangzhou south station police launched special "care for children safe travel" theme of propaganda, dedicated to the production of the "Canton police spring children's car safety tips" billboard 12, were placed in the station and other key parts of the Guangzhou South Railway Station checkpoint, waiting room, ticket office, remind the passengers, pay attention to the safety of children traveling.
    At the same time, to facilitate passenger travel, Guangzhou south station police station set up at the Guangzhou South Railway Station East Hall, west gate set up 3 police service posts, have to provide legal advice, for someone in the passenger station guidance and other convenience services, on the first day of Spring Festival every day, has provided convenience services to thousands of passengers.
    According to the forecast, on the first day of the spring at the Guangzhou South Railway Station will exceed 200 thousand passengers, passenger security station face pressure, higher security strength, in accordance with the "model with a six foot machine" security personnel, deployed hundreds of police support and job security, all open 24 security channel in response to the surge in passenger traffic.  At the same time, the implementation of full coverage check three to 100% passengers, baggage and liquid, take one for every 5 people on the "required to guide the passenger security checks, strict rooting out dangerous contraband, to ensure passenger safety during the spring festival. Only in January 12th, Guangzhou South Railway Station police seized various types of dangerous goods since 894, among them, inflammable and explosive materials 322 48.5 liters, weapon 210, blunt 40.
    Guangzhou Railway Station: 72 surveillance videos cover 16 temporary waiting areas
    In the Guangzhou Railway Station, 16 temporary waiting area covering the entire station square, passenger security channel set by Yuexiu public security in accordance with the trips into the temporary waiting area, to ensure the safety of passengers in the region this year, Guangzhou police station in the greenhouse with 72 high-definition camera, can cover a full range of temporary waiting area.
    In addition, continue to strengthen the surveillance video input, increase the monitoring video probe throughout the station square, waiting area, entrance area, the platform area, improving and reinforcing the whole video monitoring of key areas, and Guangzhou City, Yuexiu police conducted a video sharing, the Guangzhou Railway Station set up a total of 470 monitoring probes, and in and out of the station, the ticket hall, square area upgrade to HD monitoring equipment, ready to meet the all-weather real-time security monitoring during the spring festival.
    Passenger lift to see Tips
    In order to prevent passengers encounter unlawful infringement in the waiting process, Guangzhou police station, will be prepared in advance, anti cheat reminder anti-theft alert, railway staff to identify true and false sign is arranged in the striking position in the waiting area, in the temporary waiting area, there are ten paintings hanging on the railing of each channel in the greenhouse, prompting visitors attention identify the railway workers, in the passage, hanging how anti fraud theft signs, in the security area, inform the types of prohibited dangerous items common to passengers with pictures and text in the form.
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