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Huaian municipal government building: peace era, the United States imported METOR6S security door [g


  • Product Description: METOR6S is the American Matt Rick brands imported a high sensitivity metal detector security doors, is applied to the majority of high security requirements of electronic workshop and important occasions, its sensitivity and Italy Qiya SMD600 be roughly the same ultra high sensitivity detection, become the preferred product requirements. This product in terms of cost-effective, more affordable, with high sensitivity, the price is not too expensive features, and achieved good evaluation.

    Following is our installation personnel on-site installation and commissioning plans:

    METOR6S has high sensitivity of the hand-held metal detector can detect the metal content of small articles, the detection ability is very strong, the security environment in good condition, can detect metal objects half a paper clip size, excellent effect of security. Huaian people's government uses this high-performance security door, you can choose different security levels according to demand, to meet the security level of high, low, different needs, security escort.
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