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Xinjiang Urumqi Railway Administration 8 railway stations: the era of peacekeeping supply HI-PE impo


  • Following is our technical staff arrived at each station site installation and commissioning renderings:

    Purchaser: Urumqi Railway Bureau
    Since March 18, 2005 0, the Ministry of Railways will abolish all 41 Railway Sub bureaus under the jurisdiction of the 15 Railway Sub bureaus nationwide. The original Railway Bureau under the jurisdiction of the station unit, under the jurisdiction of the Railway Bureau directly under the. Urumqi railway administration under the jurisdiction of the 2 Railway Sub branches: Urumqi branch of the railway, Hami Railway Branch was abolished, were renamed the Urumqi railway office, Hami railway office.
    Urumqi railway area is located in the northwestern border of multi-ethnic areas. At the end of the national railway network. Under the jurisdiction of Lanzhou, southern route 2. North - Liu Gou and the Lanzhou Bureau of the west boundary, to Alashankou - Kazakhstan droriba between 2362 km and 248 meters and Kazakhstan boundary; southern line Kashgar Railway Station China railway network in the westernmost station, Alataw Pass Railway Station and Kazakhstan border station station port Druzhba station 12.15 kilometers away.

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