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Foshan Guangdong Development Bank Financial Center: the use of imported X XIS5335 ray machine and CS


  • Bank security requirements: general office and not the same, Guangdong Development Bank financial center is a set of computer building, building distribution, credit card center, information center, call center, operations center, training center, computer room of data backup for the integrated financial Park, so the security requirements are very strict, in the headquarters building operation area, need to carry out safety inspection on luggage and parcel of X ray scanning, security detection and inspection of belongings, as in a special place, so the security equipment and the quality requirements are very high, the use of high-quality imported equipment shall be. After bidding and evaluation, and ultimately selected by the era of peace, the United States imported astrophysical X opto machinery, the United States Garrett brand CS5000 security doors, the United States Garrett Superscanner handheld metal detectors.

    The following is our company (peacekeeping era) installation of personnel on-site installation debugging renderings:

    Purchaser profile:
    Guangdong Development Bank Financial Services Center project with a total construction area of about 340 thousand square meters. From the north to the south into the credit building and distribution room building, Card Center & Information Center, call center, operations center and training center and the data backup machine the main building and the underground of about 70 thousand square meters, the floor is about 270 thousand square meters.
    Project base is located in Nanhai District of Guangdong city in Foshan Province, West Lake road lamps, according to the North Sea seven road, east to the South Sea Jinyuan Road, No. six. This project includes Park basement (including underground garage, air defense and equipment room, underground two floors), room building and building, the distribution of Credit Card Center & Information Center, call center, operations center, training center, data backup machine. The indicators of each monomer are as follows:
    1, room building and power distribution building 51054 square meters, including: Power Distribution Building: 9011 square meters, 2, 21.425 meters; room building: 42043 square meters, 5, 36.425 meters.
    2, Credit Card Center & Information Center 106527 square meters, 23, 98.6 meters;
    3, call center 32859 square meters, 9, 46.1 meters;
    4, the operation center is 40162 square meters, and the 9 is 46.1 meters;
    5, the training center, including: Residential Buildings: 41314 square meters, 16 storey 70.7 meters; building: 9572 square meters, 6 storey 34.1 meters; the auditorium: 6689 square meters, 2 storey 11.60 meters; dining room: 18415 square meters, 5 storey 34.10 meters; the stadium: 1793 square meters, 2 storey 10.10 meters;
    6, data backup room 33617 square meters, 9, 40.1 meters.
    7, the base construction land 105646.4 square meters, with a total construction area of 342539 square meters, the largest building layer: 23 floors; maximum construction height: 98.6 meters. Fire protection according to a class of high-rise building design.
    GF financial center covers an area of 158 acres, investment over 3 billion yuan. Is a collection of data, credit cards, research and development, training and other functions in one of the background service center.

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